Services & Fees

Information available to you are directly obtained from respective Government Departments and Courts, and we cannot and do not vouch the accuracy of the information obtained therefrom.

C&N InfoServices provides fast, accurate and reliable search services at a competitive price. We offer a wide range of search services. In addition our experienced investigative team is able to perform special duties as designated by you.

Unit rate

1. High Court Proceedings Daily Report


  • Miscellaneous Proceedings (MP)
  • Writs of Summons
  • Bankruptcy
  • Winding-up
$1,000/month, provided on every Monday, Wednesday & Friday (except public holidays).

2. District Court Proceedings Daily Report


  • District Court Civil Jurisdiction (DCCJ)
  • District Court Miscellaneous Proceedings (DCMP)
  • District Court Court Tax Claim (DCTC)
  • District Court Distraint (DCDT)


$2,000/month, provided on every Monday, Wednesday & Friday (except public holidays)

3. Standard Search


  • Company Search
  • Land (urban & outlying islands) Search
  • Disqualification Order to act as Director
  • Official Receiver's Office Search on Bankruptcy/Winding-up
  • High Court search on Bankruptcy /Winding-up
  • Business Registration Search
  • Pull High Court Actions / District Court Actions
  • Motor Vehicle Search
  • Marriage Certificate Search

$100 for each search, or $2000/month to cover 25 searches, or

$3,375/month to cover 50 searches, or

$6,000/month to cover 100 searches (excluding disbursements)

4. Special Assignment


Our investigate team is able to perform special searches as designated by client, such as Foreign Company Search (including but not limited to BVI, Cayman Island, PRC, USA), Association Search, Incorporated Owners Search, Tso Tong Search, School Search, and Scout Association Search, Trademark and Patent Search.



All users are required to open an account and place a deposit of $1,000 with C&N InfoServices Limited. The deposit is refundable in full, interest-free, on cancellation of services by giving 30 days notice in writing.

Please download and complete the Account Opening Form, and send it together with a deposit cheque of $1,000, made payable to "C&N InfoServices Limited", to: Unit 2202A, 22/F., Ginza Square, 565-567 Nathan Road, Kowloon.

Click HERE to download the Account Opening Form in Microsoft Word format.